How to remove dust like a Pro? Why is it important?

How to remove dust like a Pro

How to remove dust like a Pro? Why is it important?

Have you ever wondered, Whenever we are trying to remove dust; are we removing it or swirling it into the air? Dusting is a real struggle and takes lots of time and effort. You cleaned it today and these specks are back again tomorrow.

Ignoring the dust is not healthy. Do you want to know how these dust creeps keep floating in the air? Well, there is no magic fairy behind it!

The Grime that settles over or dust is a result of the combination of many elements. These intrusive elements consist of dead skin cells, pet hairs, human hairs, bugs, etc.

Yuck, That’s true! We are living with them. No one would love this stuff around. Well, home cleaning Melbourne has the best solution for you!

In this article, we have explained the ultimate strategies to brush off dust. Let’s find out the prevention techniques to stay away from dust specks in detail!

Why Is Dusting Important?

Dusting is important to keep you and your surroundings healthy and hygienic. Dusting on daily basis reduces the risk of getting allergies and sick so often.

Intrusive elements like hairs, dead cells, etc. combine to form dust bunnies. These giant bunnies can hide under your furniture or curtains.

Even Bugs tend to live in dust. so, it becomes easy for them to enter the human body through the mouth or nose making you sick. It can cause eye irritation, sneezing, and coughing.

Dust can make your beautiful furniture and house look ugly. Now the next important task is how to dust and remove this eye sore? Keep reading!

How to Dust, the right way?

Ready to get rid of the dust? We have all the remedies and solutions to your problems. As per a recent study in Washington; dust particles are not only made up of dead cells, animal dander. Dust particles may also contain toxic chemicals like:

Phenols( in cleaning)

DEHP (found in plastic and electronics)

TDCIP (flame retardant in furniture)

These chemicals can cause chronic diseases. That further weakens our immunity system with each passing day.

So it is up to us, how we take care of our health? Let us know our smart approach and strategies to deep clean your house the right way and our way!

Choose a Right Dusting Cloth

To start with, you would need the right dusting cloth. Make sure you do not pick any random damp cloth as it will swirl the specks into the air. Opt to invest in a microfiber cloth. It is worth every single penny. This microfiber cloth can absorb most of the dirt into it.

Microfiber Cloth is inexpensive, hygienic, and reusable. You can use it dry or damp. To make dusting effective, you can use some household cleaning products.

Use Vaccum to Clean Furniture

Want to deep clean your house? Vacuuming before dusting is the best option to get more effective results. It will help to remove stubborn gook and also less dust builds upon the cloth.

You can use a scratchy brush to remove the dust from walls, floor, chairs, and railings. Wearing a mask is a better option if you are about to clean a basement or have moved to a new house.

You can also use the vacuum or broom to clean the areas around the furniture and your carpets. Then using a damp cloth will give better results.

Pick & Dust all Items

No Shortcuts! Whether it’s about cleaning a table or furniture, start with removing all the items one by one. Keep them aside; it will take some time, but you’ll get satisfactory results.

Keep two dusting clothes with you. Now clean your table and wipe off all the dust from picked pieces one by one. Use the second cloth to finish and polish the look.

Put back the items and see how does it look? You would love to tap on our back!

Avoid feathery Dusters or Dusting Sprays

Fluffy or feathery Dusters can help to remove dust but they can’t prevent dust. You’ll still find some floating dust specks around you that will get settled again on the same surface.

Dusting sprays may freshen up the air with a great smell. But, they are not healthy. As they leave residues in the air they can corrode steel or may affect wooden furniture.

How to Prevent Dust?

Dusting every other day is almost impossible. Especially when you are also working. It can be miserable and tiring at the same time. do you know that most of the dust comes from human skin and hairs? isn’t it surprising! Let us tell you the techniques to prevent dust life would become easier.

  • You can seal your windows, vents, and doors to stop outside dust from entering your house.
  • You can use an air purifier that will trap dust particles. It also prevents external particles away like pollens.
  • Take care of your pets, and keep them well-groomed and vaccinated. So, they won’t throw away salivas and shed off extra hairs.
  • Remove your shoes outside the house before entering your sweet home.
  • Use a doormat everywhere, outside your bedrooms. Kitchen. Remove the extra clutter stored in the house as dust keeps on making layers on unused items

Are You Allergic to Dust?

Are you ignoring dust because you are sensitive to it and it irritates you? Do you get eye-redness, itchiness, or sneeze again and again? We recommend using face masks and goggles and gloves, it will help you way better.

If this didn’t work for you then you can seek some professional help. As it is vital to keep yourself in a healthy environment.

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