How to Clean Floorboards?

How to Clean Floorboards?

How to Clean Floorboards?

Want to know the best techniques to clean your floorboards and make them long-lasting? Even if you dust furniture properly and wash windows, your house won’t look fresh without cleaning floorboards.

Floorboards need to be maintained and cleaned regularly. Your floorboards go through a lot whole the day like food spills, pet urine, dirty shoes, pointed heels tick-tocking on the floor.

Deep Cleaning floorboards not only make your house look fresh, clean and loved. It also saves your investment in repairing the damages.

In this article, we have listed the best and easiest ways to clean your floorboards quickly. Make your house look adored and cherished; even if you do it a couple of times a year. Let’s get started!

Check if your Floors are Finished or Unfinished?

The most essential step is to know whether your floor is finished or unfinished as cleaning methods are entirely different.

Let us tell you, how to differentiate between them? Drop a few drops of water on your floorboard. If water remained on the surface, your floor is finished. On the contrary, if water gets soaked into the floor, you have an unfinished floor.

Note: There can be several checking methods, but this has proven to be the best method of all.

How to Clean Unfinished Floors?

We suggest getting them finished through professional help. But, in case you have to deal with unfinished floors, keep in mind the following DO’s and Dont’s to clean unfinished floor.


  • Never treat your floorboard with a mop and normal water; as a lot of water will be soaked in by the floor that’ll create damages like warping.
  • Do not use any random cleaning products to clean unfinished floors. Make sure to read the label of cleaning products closely.
  • Avoid cleaning products meant for finished floorboards as they can leave stains on your floorboard and all your effort will go in vain.
  • Never scrub your unfinished floors with a brush or wet mop to remove stains that can lead to ugly damages making it look even worse than before.


  • Clean your untreated floorboard with a dry mop and swifter that will prevent your floor from damages and soaking the excess water.
  • Since the unfinished floor is very absorbent, you can either use a broom or a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner.
  • You can use a small amount of trisodium phosphate and a soft bristle brush to treat the stains.
  • To disinfectant, you can spray the floor with mineral spirits. Don’t forget to wear masks and gloves

How to Clean Floorboards the right way?

Floorboards are easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a little effort and time to clean your floorboards on a daily basis. Following are our tips and remedies to clean floorboards properly and maintain their polished looks.

Leave your shoes at the door!

Make it a habit, as it will reduce 40-50% of your effort to clean the floor. This is the best method to ban the dirt entry into your house. Place a shoe rack near your door and make sure everyone takes their shoes off at door. You can also place mats between your main door and interior door. This will prevent your perfect floorboards from excess dirt and dust.

Use a Vacuum or Regular Broom

To deeply clean your floorboards, use a vacuum or broom to remove the layers of dust or grime from the floor. Make sure your vacuum is meant for hardwood floors. Vacuuming floors will extract pet hairs, your hairs, dust, wrappers etc. and make floor washing an easy task.

So, it’s better to always opt for normal brooms or vacuum’s before washing them otherwise you’ll be rubbing the dirt again onto the floors.

Dry Mopping

It’s easy and doesn’t take much of your time and energy. Buy a wood floor mop to clean your floorboard on daily basis. Wood floor mops come with a microfiber cloth that absorbs those tiny specks rather than swirling it back into the air. Dry moping frequently prevents forming dust layers on the floor.

Spot treatment

Never delay cleaning the food spills or some other stains after some time or tomorrow. Make a habit of cleaning stains now. As leaving stains for a longer period can damage your floors fresh look. You can use a damp paper towel or rag or a sponge and a cleaning spray. This will save you both time and energy. So, there’s no need to mop the entire floor again and again.

Add Cleaning fluids in Water

Despite using simple water to mop the floor, you can dilute cleaning fluids in water for more effective results. These products are easily available in the market like vinegar, orange glo, phenyls, Murphy’s oil, Trisodium phosphate etc.

Use the Best Floor Cleaner

Always read the product label closely before using for your floorboards. Nowadays many organic cleaners are available in the market as per your floor type. You can also ask the flooring manufacturer for the best cleaning product. We suggest to not use vinyl or tile floor cleaners as they contain acidic products that can damage your floorboards leaving them to look ugly. Rather opt for floorboard cleaners that are Greenguard Gold certified. The cleaners with such certifications are organic and safe for kids and pets. 

Disinfect Floors using Mineral Spirits

You can use mineral spirits or paint thinner to disinfect and sanitise untreated floorboards for a long time. It will help in easy cleaning and remove the tough stains if any. Be cautious as this chemical is toxic and has a strong smell. so, make sure you wear a mask and gloves. How to use mineral spirit?

  • Take e clean cloth, damp it with spirit and start rubbing it on the floor.
  • Use a spray bottle to spray the mineral spirits on the floor and wipe it using a dry cloth.

Deep Clean your Wooden Floor

We recommend to deep clean your hardwood floor after every couple of days to make them long-lasting. To start with, you can use a simple broom to collect that thick and thin dust into a scoop. Now let’s move on to deep cleaning methods!

  • Dilute the water with cleaning agents and spray them on areas with stubborn stains. Clean them with a paper towel to get better results. 
  • You can also use home remedy; add one cup of vinegar in one gallon of water. Use this mixture to wring your wood floor mop and check if the mop is damp dry.
  • Boil two tea bags in water. let it cool to room temperature. Now take out the tea bags. Use this tea water to mop your floor, that’ll leave the floor sparkling clean and smelling.

Use Damp mops

Make sure to wring out your mop properly and check the mop is damp, not wet. As a wet mop can reduce your floor’s life making it look dull. That’s why it’s better to treat the stains (spills. Grease and grime) earlier to moping. Go for a wooden floor mop than an ordinary mop. An extremely wet mop can accidentally push back the dirt again into the floors.

Sandpaper can help!

There are times when it becomes a tough task to clean those dirty and sticky stains. So taking the help of sandpaper isn’t a bad idea. Make sure to use it gently and softly over that area to prevent scratches. Keep in mind to not use sandpapers very often as they can ruin the polish of your floorboards making them uneven.

Fix it with a Crayon

Sometimes, scratches are hard to deal with. Unfortunately, there is no alternative solution to the scratches. But we do have some tricks that can reduce its visibility. Take a matching colour crayon and rub it over the scratch. It’ll work like magic filling the gap created by scratch. Now, with the help of a blowdryer on heat mode, sway over the area and tap with a soft cloth.

Need our Help?

No doubt, there are many available home remedies and cleaning agents available in the market to clean your floorboards. But, it takes a lot of efforts and energy. Isn’t it tiring? and sometimes you don’t get satisfactory results. So, opting for professional help is not a bad idea at all. 

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