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We are the most reliable and professional BBQ cleaning Melbourne experts. Book us online for BBQ cleaning, restoration services at inexpensive prices. Get a Metal shine and sparkling clean BBQ.

With over 200 dedicated cleaning professionals. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction and quality services. Ready to arrange a clean with home cleaning Melbourne

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Our 3D approach for BBQ cleaning
services in Australia

The BBQ cleaners will start with a final inspection on their arrival to check if there is any fault or repair service. They’ll analyze the condition of your barbecue to begin the job.


Dismantling BBQs

Our technician will start with dismantling the removable parts like stainless steel racks, plates, and rotisserie of the BBQ. They'll dip the whole parts into a strong cleaning solution to remove the sticky food residues. grime and grease.


Deep Cleansing BBQs

We use professional steam cleaners for thoroughly cleaning of bbq grill, lid, legs, plates and nooks with warm water. BBQ cleaners may leave your appliance at a high temperature for a while to remove all the grease, the grime from the burner.


Drying & Rinsing BBQs

Finally, the process involves rinsing the soaked parts and drying the bbq detached parts with protective measures. Here you go! Your metal shine is ready for a BBQ party.

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Benefits of BBQ cleaning
services in Melbourne

  • Clean & fresh looking BBQ grill
  • The incredible taste of  grilled food
  • Prevention from cross-contamination
  • Lower risk of smoke & fire anticipation
  • Prevent corrosion build-up
  • Biodegradable cleaning solutions
  • The enhanced life span of your BBQ

DIY cleaning can ruin your BBQ

  • Improper cleaning knowledge
  • Rust build-up due to Excess use of cleaning products.
  • Wasting lots of money on cleaning products
  • Time-consuming & Tiring
  • Dissatisfying results
BBQ cleaning melbourne

Want to raise your BBQ-IQ?

The term “barbecue” has been derived from barbacoa; a west indies slang for cooking slow food over hot coals. While some have their own definitions they say it has been taken from BAR-BEER-CUE-PIG! isn’t that funny!

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We can clean different
types of BBQ Grills!

Our cleaning technicians are experienced enough to clean all the BBQ models from small to large. They know how to excel at their job to satisfy the client.  They can clean gas grill, hood grill, charcoal grill, spit roasters to kettle  BBQ. Get your BBQ restored within a couple of hours.

Small BBQ

2 burners

3 Burners

4 Burners

5 Burners

6 Burners

Call us today +(61) 3 9005 8384 to check the availability and BBQ service prices at your location in Melbourne! We guarantee the best competitive prices including  GST, labor charges, and equipment charges. So, hurry up!

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Know Our BBQ Cleaners

Fully Skilled

Fully Equipped

On-time service

100% quality assurance

72-hour Re-clean guarantee

Our BBQ Cleaning service is available in Melbourne Wide!

Check the list to Confirm your location and speak to our customer executive 0435 991 812 available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to deliver the services at your doorstep.

Guidelines to maintain your BBQ after a cleaning service

Besides seeking professional cleaning services; we highly recommend our customers to maintain BBQ to elongate the life and a better taste of the cooked food. Follow a few of the instructions that we think can really help you!

  1. Always turn off the gas supply when DIY BBq cleaning.
  2. Wiping the inner area and grills after each use.
  3. take out all the burnt food residues and any leftovers from the chamber.
  4. Lightly brush the grill with vegetable oil for finish surfaces to prevent them from rust.
  5. If possible, change the fat safeguard in dribble plates every 2-3 months.
  6. Do not leave the BBQ hood open.
BBQ cleaning services in melbourne
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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you also provide BBQ repair services in Melbourne?

Yes, we do! But you have to pay extra as the BBQ repair services are not included in cleaning bbq grill. you can request repair services while booking BQ cleaning.

How long will your BBQ cleaning services take?

Usually, it takes 2 to 3 hours to thoroughly clean the bbq from inside outside. Our reliable professional cleaners will make your BBQ stainless steel grills sparkling clean.

What kind of BBq cleaners do you use?

When it comes to food, we make sure to use only 100% organic and biodegradable cleaning products. They are child and pet safe, so relax!

Do you also do oven cleaning with bbq cleaning service?

Yes if you ask for it! But oven cleaning charges will be added extra to the total billing amount. We suggest book oven cleaning and BBq cleaning service with End of lease cleaning package for in budget prices.

Can you clean off-site BBQ grills?

No, our professional cleaning team deals only with on-site BBQ grills.

How much does a cleaner cost in Melbourne?

See, it depends on the size and condition of your BBQ. Whether it's for commercial, industrial or residential use. To make it easier, you can share the pictures of your BBQ on your phone +(61) 3 9005 8384 or email us.

How often should I get an oven cleaning & BBQ cleaning service?

It depends on your usability and maintenance. If you are regularly wiping it and removing the leftover food residues we recommend every 3 to 4 months. Otherwise, you must get it cleaned after every 2 months to increase the life span and enhance the taste of food.

What if I want to reschedule my cleaning appointment?

Yes, you can! but you need to inform us 24 hours before the booking appointment. Don't worry! we'll reschedule it for you!
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Client's Reviews

Relax! your BBQ is in good hands


By: Sera

The quality BBQ service was not only cost-efficient but also efficient. My BBQ was really in a bad condition. Looks far better than before!

My BBQ looks brand New!

By: Burak

Even I can't recognize it! Wow, My dirty BBQ looks brand new after I got it professionally cleaned from home cleaning Melbourne. Thank you, guys!

Highly recommended!

By: Elena

Impressed with their oven cleaning and BBQ cleaning services. from the cooking top, walls to grills, my barbecue looks fantastic.