5 Eco-friendly cleaning products to enhance Your Home ambiance

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Inculcating Eco-friendly sustainable products in our daily lives is a step in the right direction. More people need to step forward in that direction and choose nature over chemicals and harmful elements. Our homes are places that witness us at our most unguarded moments and hence it’s important to keep our homes filled with products that are not only safe for us but also safe for the environment. Therefore, the importance of eco-friendly homemade cleaning products is more vital than we think it is and this covid period has made us all realize it to some extent. So, here’s our list of top eco-friendly cleaning products that will make your homes safe in the true sense of that word. 

What makes home cleaning products eco-friendly?

Few factors will help you decide whether the product is truly an eco-friendly product or not. Simply, put a tick on the home cleaning product, if they match the below-mentioned issues: 

However, not every single eco-friendly home cleaning brand will match all the above-listed issues. So make sure to choose a product from a brand that you have known earlier and the products that you can fully trust. 

However, no one can deny the fact, that you can make your own homemade cleaning products with all the ingredients that are already present in your home. 

With the use of vinegar, lemon, and bicarb of soda, you can make an excellent home cleaning product all by yourself. To add an essence to the fragrance, you can rather choose to buy a fragrance bottle instead of making it at home. There are plenty of eco-friendly supplies in the market with a lot more features and benefits. So, choose the one that suits your home cleaning process the best. 

Why you should use eco-friendly cleaning products?

Switching from regular cleaners to eco-friendly cleaners will help you combat environmental issues and make a sustainable living. As, these products are made with safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable material – which means it’s good for the planet as well as for your family. All these products can reduce air and water pollution and effectively fight against ozone depletion and drastic climate change situations. 

Here are the other few benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products : 

1. It creates a healthy environment for you and the planet

Swapping to eco-friendly products means choosing a healthier option for both families as well as for mother earth. These products are made up of zero harmful chemicals, which means no more toxic chemicals are being released into the environment. This is considered a win-win situation for both humankind and the environment. It will also improve the overall air quality, reducing the chances of any health risks. 

2. Less expensive

Less expensive

As you can make your own cleaning products at home, which makes it easy on your wallet and brings a lot of health benefits. Cleaning agents such as vinegar and baking soda are the best option to start with, and further adding lemon, olive oil for better fragrance. All this will cost half the price of original cleaning products in the market. 

3. Overall safety

If you have a toddler in your home, then choosing an eco-friendly cleaning product is the best option. As children are highly susceptible to toxic chemicals and making a switch to natural cleaning products will help you create a safer atmosphere for your kids. Also, it’s a great way to teach your child the importance of using natural and organic products and how they can impact nature. 

Our top picks For Eco-Friendly Cleaning

1. PUR home

It’s laundry soap and whiteners made up of natural and organic ingredients. The use of plant-based ingredients makes it highly effective and biodegradable. It has a low toxic formula wrapped around with recyclable packaging. PUR home now offers a variety of eco-friendly home cleaning products made up of all-natural and plant-based ingredients. The liquid laundry detergent functions as a multi-surface cleaner and wipes out all the stains instantly. 

2. Branch basics

Branch basics offer dozens of home cleaning products that are made up of plant-based formula making is biodegradable and eco-friendly. It has recyclable packaging and is highly safe and certified. Mostly all the products under Branch basics are fully biodegradable and odor-free. Not just that, the products are non- GMO and are produced without genetic engineering. The products are purely natural-based, like baking soda and organic chamomile. If you need to concentrate, then restore the bottle to a certain water level and add the same formula, shake it well before using it for cleaning. It’s pretty easy to use and removes dust like a pro. 

3. Grove collaborative

Grove collaborative

Grove collaborative mainly focuses on sustainable, clean, and eco-friendly products. Also, the products can be used on a day-to-day basis house cleaning routine, giving a true essence of natural freshness. The laundry detergents are made up of plant-based ingredients making them highly effective and gentle. The floor cleaners are super useful, as plant-friendly essentials keep the floor in its best look, sparkling all-throughout the season. Whether it’s wood, linoleum, or tile, these natural floor cleaners will easily remove all the dirt and stains from the floors, leaving nothing but a super-shiny clean floor behind. 

4. Thrive Market

If you truly want to rely on one shop having all the natural and eco-friendly household cleaning products, then Thrive Market is the perfect place to visit. It offers a huge collection of biodegradable, vegan, and recyclable house cleaning products. Mostly all floor cleaners have super-effective formulas, are non-toxic, and are made up of safe micro biotic ingredients. The commercial-grade cleaning powder eases the cleaning process and removes unwanted dirt and germs. The eco-friendly hypoallergenic spray with a fresh lemon scent makes it one of the All-Purpose Cleaners. It wipes out the super tough stain and grease like nobody else would do. The best part is that it is completely safe for you as well as for your family and the planet. 

5. Common Good

Common Good makes all the cleaning products with the use of reusable packaging or glass packaging that can be used for refilling later on. The All-purpose cleaners are made with mild ingredients having no chlorine, ammonia, or other suspicious ingredients. These clean tough surfaces and remove dirt and stains without the use of any harsh chemicals. All the products from Common Good work fantastically on all types of floors (tiles, wood, even on walls). These leaves a scent a of sweet finish at the end of the cleaning process. 


That’s a wrap for our top preferences in eco-friendly cleaning products. The chemical-free nature of these products also ensures you are not at an increased risk of serious infections. Moreover, these products not only guarantee a safe and hygienic home environment but also take initiatives to lessen the damage to our earth and make it a better place for all. So, what are you waiting for? Put these wonderful homemade products in your cleaning checklist, and let’s do our role as responsible inhabitants together! 

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