What Would Be The Hourly Rate Of Cleaning Services

house cleaning hourly rate

Are you checking out the house cleaning hourly price? It means you have decided to hire a cleaner for your home. I must say you take a very good decision because professionals can help you to keep your home maintained and well cleaned. Today we are going to let you know everything related to the average cost of hiring the domestic cleaners.

How much house cleaners cost for their services?

The cleaning cost of house cleaning depends on the various factors that are mentioned below:

  • The size of your home
  • How many rooms you want to clean
  • Do you have one story or 2 story house?
  • Location of your house
  • What tasks you want your cleaner do for you
  • Cleaner’s experience and cleaning quality

Before mentioning the cleaning price, I wanted to know that you want to hire a professional cleaning company or individual cleaners? The standard rate of the professional anywhere from $40-$50 and on the other hand, individuals can provide their services in maybe around $25. Remember that the charges also vary according to the location, experience, and quality of the services.

Whether individual charges are lesser than the professionals, but still I will recommend you to consider professional cleaning companies. Because they offer several benefits that individuals may not be able to provide to their customers.

Following are the reason to hire professional cleaning companies over individuals:

  • They are highly professional with their work who consistently delivers quality services
  • They are well experienced in handling all kind of cleaning needs
  • Cleaning companies are police checked and licensed so there are no chances to get fraud
  • If you find that your hired cleaner is not working well or misbehaving, then you can complain against them to their head offices.
  • They have an expert team who keep tracking the work of their cleaners.
  • Cleaning companies always provide cleaning supplies to their cleaners without additional charges.

What is the price for the End of lease cleaning?

price for the End of lease cleaning

End of lease cleaning is for those tenants who are going to shift their home and their landlord requires you to arrange lease cleaning. The price of the end of lease or bond back depends upon the condition of your home and type of property such as one/two/three-bedroom property.

  • 1 bedroom unit = $130-$150
  • 2 bedroom house = $180-$210
  • 3 bedroom house = $250-$270

If you want a carpet cleaning along with the end of lease cleaning, then you may need to pay additional charges.

How much cleaners will charge for the oven cleaning?

Oven cleaning requires great expertise and quality cleaning supplies to remove stubborn stains and you will get a crystal clean oven. So if you are also planning to hire an oven cleaner, then here we will get the reliable price recommendation for your consideration. The Charges of the oven cleaning vary on the size and current condition of the oven. The standard price of the average size oven is around $70. The bigger your oven is, the more you need to pay.

How much cleaner will charge for carpet steam cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best ways to remove any kind of stain or dirt from the carpet. It is advisable to hire professionals for its cleaning because even a small mistake can harm your carpet. Professionals are highly experienced in carpet cleaning and they know how to remove the stains without damaging the carpet. They will charge $30-$35 per room.

The above mentioned are just the estimated price of the cleaning services. You can also get quotes from the local cleaning companies like home cleaning Melbourne. They will give you a free quote as per your cleaning needs. They even provide their services in keysborough, Narre warren, Malvern, Frankston and so on.