Melbourne Australia-Probe the New World


Are you curious to know the antiquity of Melbourne? So this is a right interpretation when you plan something to know about the city where you live or going to live or set up your business. Melbourne is the famous town of Australia. It is often known as Queen’s Victoria city.

The Melbourne city named after the British Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne in March 1837. It is also known as “Batmania” as its one of the founder’s name is John Batman. In 1837 city gets approval for officially built of town and in 1851 Victoria’s colony came to existence and formally detached from the New South Wales.

“Melbourne” is a prominent city of Australia with a 3.7 million inhabitants. This cosmopolitan is the capital of state Victoria.

It is the fascinating city in Australia. There are a lot of things to do in Melbourne which will pinnacle everyone’s interest. Melbourne Australia has productive outdoor activities, cultural and historical activities, offers shopping centers, art galleries, graceful landscapes to the visitors.

Brief History of Melbourne City with their Descriptions

Beginning of Melbourne

In 1803 Europeans visit in the Melbourne, and they land at Port Philip Bay after that they move to Tasmania. In 1835 they found a great city in Australia i.e. Melbourne. John Batman deal in the business of land from 1801-1839 but people can’t understand its activities, and Batman settles on the north bank of Yarra River. After that from 1792-1869, Johnny Fawkner starts the another group and settle on the south bank. But Richard Bourke governor of New South Wales announce that the Batman’s agreement is invalid, and Richard set up the new colony in 1837 ‘The Melbourne City’ with new houses and church over here and incorporates so many different things.

 19th and 20th Centurial Melbourne

In the 19th and 20th century lot of developments came into existence. In 1850 Princes Bridge was built. In 1851 Melbourne became the Capital of Victoria. In 1853 Melbourne universities open here and in 1848 Royal Melbourne Hospital established. The state Library, Treasury Building, and Government Houses build from 1856 to 1876. In 1878 the first telephone call made in Melbourne Railway Station, Treasure gardens all was found in the 19th century.

Melbourne Australia

In the 20th century, Manchester City baths and unity buildings were rigid in 1903 and 1932.At the beginning of 1906, the first electric trams run in Melbourne.  In 1956 Melbourne host the Olympic Games and also built the underground railway in 1985.Legislature office and Flagstaff station open in 1983 to 1985. In the Meantime Airport is also open for the international flights. A lot of people from many nations travel there, and now Melbourne is a multicultural city.

21st Century Melbourne

In the commencement of 21st century Melbourne face new challenges and develop the new foundations by opening the Federation square in 2002. In 2004 Melbourne Heritage site exhibits, and in 2006 it built the Eureka Tower and Yves building with the vast population. Now- a- days Melbourne is the second leading city in Australia.

Melbourne proud on its Military Force

Melbourne (Australia) honored its military force with the influx of three companies. With their heritage, behavior, traditions, and authority Australian Association have their defense forces including fleet in 1901.

 Wars in Australia

  • Waikato war happens in 1863-64, and the soldiers in Australia were sent to New Zealand to serve their country.
  • The Sudan War in 1885 after the death of General Gordon and New South Wales Government permit the army force to put down the revolution.
  • The Boxer revolt in 1900 done by the Chinese troops to oppose the foreign authority.
  • The Boer War in 1899-1902 happens in South Africa with the Britain to take some legal actions and combine their power to won the war.
  • World War one in 1914-1918, is the ‘Great War’ commence on 3 August 1914 to take action by Australians on Germans to get the German New Guinea and the fellow citizen islands.
  • World War two in 1939- 1945 against Japan on nine Jan 1941 and they awarded during this war.