How to Organize a proper spring cleaning during Coronavirus Outbreak?

At the moment, more than a billion people are isolated in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. The World is facing crises and many people are afraid and confused. In order to remain mentally stable, it is important not to focus all of our thoughts on the problem and try to live as normally as possible. Of course, the risk exists and when our lives and the lives of our loved ones are at stake, it is not easy to remain calm. Doctors advise us to follow the protective measures while psychologists add that there are many ways we could put our free time to better use while staying at home. Now let’s see how to organize a proper spring cleaning of your home during a coronavirus outbreak.

Make a thorough plan

Keeping your mind busy in times like these is crucial. Whether you are working from home or not working at all due to a coronavirus outbreak, you probably do have some free time that you can devote to your family and your living environment. You can even make spring cleaning a bonding family activity! Sit down with your family and make a thorough plan of all that can be done in your home to prepare for the new season.

Cleaning during coronavirus

After you decide what needs to be done, make a shopping list. Many areas have restrictions in terms of when you can visit your grocery shop or a supermarket, so you should be prepared before hitting the shops. The aim is to avoid unnecessary contact with other people, that is why it is smart to buy for several days in advance but don’t go overboard. Remember, there are some people who cannot afford to make bigger purchases. Cleaning supplies are in demand and there is a chance that you will not find the brands that you usually buy, but you shouldn’t be too picky. You can also consider making your own cleaning products if you have the proper ingredients at home. Once you have all the supplies and the necessary equipment, you can start cleaning.

Start the spring cleaning of your home by decluttering

Getting rid of everything that you don’t need is absolutely necessary for successful spring cleaning. Since the global pandemic got us isolated in our homes, we can use the given time to reorganize and clean our wardrobe, for example. Now is the time to dispose of old and prepare some new seasonal clothes. If you have some clothes that you don’t think you’ll be wearing next year, consider donating them. You might not be able to do it right away, but after the situation with the coronavirus outbreak gets under control, some people might appreciate this kind of help.

This might be the moment to get rid of some old furniture pieces too. Planning a relocation soon? This is your perfect chance for cleaning when moving house, the more you do now, the quicker you’ll be ready for relocation later. But, before doing that, you will have to call companies for furniture disposal and check whether they are providing their services at the moment.

Clean all high-touch areas

This is something that should be your routine on a daily basis. Be more detailed about it during spring cleaning. Unfortunately, now that our health is in danger of a new virus, we have to be even more careful than before. A quick swipe with the soapy water-soaked cloth is usually еnough, but at the moment, you might feel safer if you used some stronger products.

Clean all high touch area

Doors, knobs, and handles are high-touch areas, so you have to disinfect them more often. This goes for countertops, faucet handles, stair rails, etc. These are the areas that you should clean several times a day. The good news is that coronavirus can be destroyed by many disinfectants, such as:

  • Hydrogen peroxide – there is no need to dilute it since it can be used straight away; This is one of the safest substances you can use for proper spring cleaning of your home during a coronavirus outbreak.
  • Alcohol – rubbing alcohol (70%) is effective, but it can cause some plastic discoloration if left for too long or if used too frequently.
  • Bleach – this is a rather strong cleaning product that can clean almost any surface, but it can also cause some damage.

You should always wear gloves when using cleaning products since many of those can irritate your skin and damaged skin is more susceptible to infection!

Disinfect your floors

The trouble with COVID-19 is that it is easily spread around. That is why it is so important to wash your hands immediately when you enter your home and disinfect everything that you bring into the house. You should take your shoes off since many harmful substances remain on the soles. While spring cleaning of your home during a coronavirus outbreak, you should pay special attention to your floors. If this is taking too much of your time, or you simply are not sure about your cleaning skills, those are some of the reasons why you should hire professional cleaners.

Pay special attention to vents and hoses

The AC unit should be serviced at the beginning of each season. Even though this should be left to the professionals, there is something you can do by yourself. That is cleaning the filters. Spray them with disinfectant and leave to dry completely. That should be enough to keep your air clean and fresh. Once you are done with your AC unit, you can move on to other vents and hoses around the house.

Bathroom and kitchen maintenance

The bathroom and kitchen are areas that require regular maintenance at all times, and especially now that we spend more time in those rooms. The coronavirus outbreak teaches us that we need to be more careful about our hygiene, so it only makes sense that you should focus on these rooms during your spring cleaning. After thorough disinfection, the daily 15-minute cleaning routine should be enough to keep your bathroom and kitchen spotless.

A proper spring cleaning of your home during a coronavirus outbreak is a great way to protect your health and well-being of the ones you love, plus it’s good for your home. Be responsible and stay in!