How To Mop For Spotless Floor

How to Mop For Spotless Floor

Finding the right information on Floor Cleaning? That’s a reason you came to our website to enhance your knowledge of cleaning the tiles. Fun Fact is: With proper maintenance, the life of your flooring can last from 10 years to decades! Tile floor can even more durable as long as you have your home. Finding the right method to clean or Mop the floor is sometimes hard with most of the Australian residents because it’s hard to get free time to watch online long videos or search authentic articles on the web. But with our approved method, you can easily follow our method to mop the floor which is prepared by our company.

If you are not following the safest method to clean your tiles or wooden floor, then the accident could happen and that’s the main reason of hospital admissions due to slippery floor and most of the injuries in Australian residents older than 65. Due to the floor slippery, 20% of people even lose their jobs every year.

So, keeping your floor clean, tidy and spill-free will bring you’re home free of slips and trips. Knowing more about doing the floor in the right way is essential but you need to take some important steps to maintain the quality of your tiles. Home Cleaning Melbourne has the right method to clean your floor which we are going to mention in this article.

Mop Like A Pro : Use the Right Mop and Bucket:

We all think mop is a mop, right? But it is not true. There is a different type of mops and buckets for a different type of floors. We have color-coded mops like red, blue, green and yellow which our experts differentiate such as:

Red Mop: These red color mop and buckets we use for the toilet area. We never mix up red mop or bucket to any other area because can be cross-contamination or unhygienic as well. So always Use red for Toilet area.

Blue Mop: As per the Australian color-coded system, we use the blue mop for the general area like kitchen, and hallway floors.

Green Mop: we highly recommend everyone to use Green Color-coded Mop for general Food and Bar area only.

Yellow Mop: Our Experts use yellow mop & bucket near washbasins and other washroom surfaces.

Prepare your cleaning Supplies:

Prepare your cleaning Supplies

The soap and cleaning supplies industry worth $10 billion in Australia, if you have some special and specific requirements then we can prepare DIY household cleaning solutions! And stick with a homemade cleaning cleanser. You can find natural DIY cleansers in your kitchen that can make your product more effective.

If you have some spare time, then you can make your cleanser with lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda. Just keep in mind; you should use this only on countertops, other surfaces, and bathroom floors. Don’t use this on the wooden floor though, it can stain and ruin the wood.

You must need to invest little money in a good vacuum cleaner, you can choose the backpack vacuum cleaner. It has more suction power which will remove the soil and dust from the floor. You will need 2 mop buckets which I am going to explain later as well. Get good rags to clean the surfaces and windows to complete the tasks.

Sweep and Vacuum Your Floor:

Sweep and Vacuum Your Floor

Get the Vacuum Cleaner and give your floor a thorough sweep and vacuuming. This will remove the dust from the floor. You also need to remove the sticky things with the help of scraper before mopping.

Prepare your 2 Buckets:

Remember above we said, you need 2 buckets? One is for floor washing solution and second, we will use for rinsing the cleanser off.

You need to use hot water to clean your floor which again helps to remove the dirt easily from the floor. Now you need to add 3 caps of floor cleaning solution and 1 cap of deodorizing for fragrance. If you buying floor cleaning products from the market then use their directions as well.

Finally, Mopping Time:

Now you already prepared the bucket of water with cleaning solution. Get the mop and dunk into the water and leave for 1-2 min so mop head can easily absorb the chemical. Then, squeeze the mop head with bucket wringer.
Always use the safety sign at the starting of the floor area, so people should know that the floor is wet otherwise if they slipped then it will be a big problem for you. They can take you to a court or you need to pay for their hospital or insurance bill as well.

Now, hold the mop in front of you in a way so you can move backward and onto the unmapped area. In a way, you can track your progress and cover the dirt from the floor. Always mop in small sections to avoid leaving the dirt behind and after completing the area, again time to dip into the cleaning solution and rinse well before use.
If you notice, the cleaning solution is dirty then this is the time to change the bucket, use the 2nd bucket and complete the job. After completing the mopping, you need to wash the mop and buckets and leave at the back of your house

Maintain your Floor dust free:

After seeing this article, now you know there are a lot of things you were missing while doing the cleaning of the floor. But now, with our expert’s help, you know how to mop like a pro. You will never do these little mistakes in your work again. You will keep your floor shiny, dust-free and most important accident-free.

You are wondering how often you need to clean your home or floor then you should check this blog post. In this post, you will learn all the cleaning schedules for your home all year round.