How can you pick the right end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne?

How can you pick the right end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne?

End of lease cleaning is an entirely different job that is way more complex than your regular day to day cleaning. It involves a detailed analysis and cleaning of the surfaces inside the premise. 

The property needs to be restored as it was before you moved in, to get your bond refunded. So, hiring the right end of the lease cleaning company becomes really significant.

To avoid losing your deposit, it’s vital to clean the property keeping in mind the details according to the viewpoint of the owner 

End of Lease Cleaning

Verified documents are a must

A prerequisite to hiring any service provider, irrespective of their line of work is to ask for proper documentation. Documents are a crucial part of any firm.

Asking for documents will not only help reassure you that the company has the professional qualification to handle your project but also help avoid potential scammers.  

So, if you come across a company that claims to be all high and mighty but lacks physical proof in the form of documents. Abort them and look for other competitors to get your work done.

Ask for a bond back guarantee

Most people hire such professional and experienced end of lease cleaning companies to ensure that their bond is refunded as standard cleaning before leaving the property is crucial for the refund.

Therefore, make sure you hire a company that provides a full bond back guarantee. So that if anything were to go wrong during the inspection, the team will return and fix the problem.

Get a detailed picture of their services and equipment

Before signing an agreement with any company, getting a detailed list of services being provided and the equipment that will be used is very important.

detailed picture of their services and equipment

This will help you get an insight into their work and whether they offer all the services you require or not. Or whether some equipment isn’t available for proper cleaning.  

You can also ask for a customized list of services to ensure you don’t have to pay for unwanted services. 

Look into the customer reviews

People usually opt for service providers that a trusted person recommends. Because trust comes from watching/listening to people’s first-hand experiences.

And companies rarely have information regarding contacts of their customers.

 So, surfing the internet and exploring some social media websites for honest client feedback is a must to get the best in the field end of lease cleaning service providers. 

Don’t shy away from asking questions

It’s always important to clear any doubt or query one might have regarding the company before coming into any sort of agreement with them.

Having a one on one conversation with your service providers and questioning them thoroughly is a vital step. Getting to know their offers, their specialty is always helpful.

Other than this, it’s always useful to contact more than one company to have more options open. This way you can compare and contrast and choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Now that you know the tips to secure the right vacate cleaning company, make sure you follow each step and thoroughly examine the companies to get the best services well within your budget.