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We are a reputed and one of the best Duct cleaning Melbourne company online. Book us online to get rid of blocked, smelly and dirty ducts. Hurry! Same day services are available.

Our certified & professional duct cleaners will not only clean the ducts but will also sanitise and deodorize them using tea tree oils. We can handle all kinds of ceiling air duct & central floor ducts in Melbourne.

We promise 100% satisfactory results and on-time service. Call us for hassle-free services today +(61) 3 9005 8384 to bust that dirty dust from your house!
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Why you should choose us
for duct cleaning in Melbourne?

  • Our expert duct cleaners can handle both residential and commercial duct cleaning.
  • We employ the latest cleaning equipment & tools.
  • Our duct cleaning company guarantees 100% satisfactory results.
  • We’ll clean the HVAC system increasing its efficiency.
  • Removal of mould layers, insects and pest intrusion.
  • To get a fresh & better quality of air indoor.

Did you know?

“Many people in Australia are suffering from allergies, heart problems, asthma. So it’s important to maintain and clean your ducts on a regular basis.”

Remarkable Benefits of Professional Duct Cleaning in Melbourne

  • Professional duct cleaners use advanced equipment and tools.
  • Reduces the utility or energy bills.
  • Enhance efficiency & performance of the duct
  • improved indoor air quality
  • Reduces the power usage
  • Less risk of health hazards
  • On-time service with 100% satisfactory results.
Duct Cleaning in Melbourne

Our Duct Cleaning
Services in Melbourne

With over a decade in the Cleaning Industry, we take in pride telling you that we can handle almost all the ductwork including ducted heating cleaning services. We employ modern duct cleaning techniques. Look at some of our duct cleaning services in Melbourne:

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Conditioning Cleaning/ Split system

Air Conditioning Cleaning/ Split system

Carbon monoxide testing

Carbon monoxide testing

Commercial Duct cleaning

Commercial Duct cleaning

Residential Duct Cleaning

Residential Duct Cleaning

Ducted Heater Cleaning

Ducted Heater Cleaning


Need to discuss the duct
cleaning service cost?

Well, speak to our customer executive 7 days a week with working hours from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. We are always ready to serve our clients. Don’t worry our service cost is inclusive of all the GST, labour charges and equipment charges.

Get affordable services at competitive prices! Contact us 0435 991 812 today.

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Our Effective Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Process

It’s no everyone’s cup of tea. Duct cleaning requires proper knowledge of various duct heating and cooling systems. With experience comes wisdom. Being in the cleaning industry for about a decade we can easily handle duct cleaning and repairs. Take a look at the process we follow!

  • Our duct cleaners will start with inspecting the mould build-up and animal intrusion if any.
  • Dismantling of all the vent covers and soaking them into a string cleaning solution.
  • Agitating the duct pipe with a rotating brush and cleaning inside out of the duct.
  • loosening the contaminants in the duct using cleaning agents and making them sparkling clean.
  • HVAC system cleaning with all the safety measures.
  • To check if the supply and spare parts are working effectively.
  • Finally assembling and placing all the vent covers back rinsing and drying with dryer vent equipment.

Notice the warning Signs when your Air ducts need cleaning!

  • Dust & debris on Moulds
  • Mould formation on surfaces
  • Allergies &  Breathing problems
  • Musty odours from duct
  • High utility bills
  • Less cooling & improper flow of indoor air
warning Signs Air ducts cleaning
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Our Duct Cleaners

NADCA certified


Skilled & Experienced

72-hour Re-do service

Find the Duct cleaning Melbourne services near you!

Our duct sanitisation & cleaning services are available in all the local suburbs of Melbourne. Check the availability and confirm the location & service with our customer executives. Call us today +(61) 3 9005 8384 to book your duct cleaning appointment at affordable prices!

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does duct cleaning cost?

The cost may vary depending on the location and condition of the duct. Rest you can call us +(61) 3 9005 8384 to know more about our duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

Is Duct Cleaning worth it?

Yes, it requires a lot of effort to cleaning evaporative and duct system; that only a professional duct cleaner can do efficiently and effectively.

Is heat duct cleaning a waste of money?

No, not at all! Its all worth it, Duct cleaning process not only includes cleaning dust and dirt from the duct but also checking heating systems, cooling system, exhaust cleaning and using dryer vent techniques. It's a difficult job to do.

How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

If the temperature is not the same in all the rooms and the electricity bill is rising. Also, if the ducts are smelling bad and dusty. It indicated you need a duct cleaning service.

Is duct cleaning a messy process?

DIY Duct cleaning is surely a messy process but hiring professional duct cleaning in Melbourne is the easiest way of air duct cleaning.

How long does it take for the duct cleaning Melbourne service?

Time depends on various factors like size and the condition of air ducts. Usually, our professional duct cleaners complete the job in 3-4 hours including the central heating system, cooling system, duct sanitisation, HVAC system, exhaust cleaning and so on.

Do I need to change the filters in my air conditioner?

Yes, you should check the filters every month. Dirt can block the flow of indoor air and will take a long time to cool the room. If not taken care of, there is a possibility of mechanical failures also

How can I reduce bills while running the evaporate cooler?

Get the duct system and units cleaned to work the HVAC machines more efficiently and at low pressures. Another way is to operate the evaporate coolers when the outer temperature is low, as it increases their efficiency and they consume less power.

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We are the leading choice for Melbourne duct cleaning services. Need some discounts? Book our duct cleaning Melbourne services with an end of lease cleaning or carpet steam cleaning.

Get instant and free quotes for heating and cooling duct system in Melbourne. Call us +(61) 3 9005 8384 or live chat with us to know the service prices!

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See what our clients
have to say!

Some Feedback


By: Kai

TThe technicians did a fantastic job. Impressed with their professional equipment and on-time service. Thank you, guys!

Great Job!

By: Amara

Both the cleaning experts were cooperative, patient and listened to our issues carefully. I will definitely recommend home cleaning Melbourne to my friends.


By: Ana

The duct cleaning service was within budget and cost-efficient. Didn't expect a great result at such prices. One must try their duct cleaning service.

Need Help with Animal Intrusion in the duct?

Facing an air blockage problem? Call us today 0435 991 812 to safely removing the animal intrusions from your duct.