Checklist Of Daily, Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Checklist Of Daily, Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning a home regularly is a tedious task. Due to the busy schedule, not everyone can clean his house regularly. Hence to make it easy for you we have created a checklist of daily, weekly and monthly cleaning. It means now you can plan your home cleaning and split all the cleaning chores in a flexible schedule. In this way, you don’t need to invest your much time and efforts on cleaning and yet you will be able to keep your home clean and maintained.

So Let’s Dig Into Our Daily, Weekly And Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Daily Cleaning Task

Daily Cleaning Task

We all hate doing regular cleaning but can’t ignore it as well. We all have to perform cleaning tasks regularly. Regular cleaning doesn’t take many efforts because it keeps the dirt away from our house.

Following are some of the regular cleaning that you can follow:


Dusting is one of the essential cleaning tasks that you can have to perform regularly. Dust can simply ruin the beauty of your furniture. So dusting would be on the top in our checklist.

Kitchen Floor’s Sweeping And Moping

Whether it is about the floor of your kitchen or other areas, you must have to do sweeping or moping on a regular basis. While the kitchen is the widely used area of your home where you can cook every day hence the kitchen floor became filthy.

Wipe Kitchen Counters

Being the extensively used place, kitchen counters often get messy. Whether you are making a sandwich or dinner for your family, the countertops easily get dirty. So make sure to wipe down the counter after making the food.

Bathroom Cleaning

A dirty bathroom can make your bathing unhygienic. So you just rinse the bathroom floor after getting a shower. Swipe down the toilet bowl by using the cleaner and scrubber. It will just take around 8-10 minutes.

Wipe The Dining Table

After finishing your meal, wipe down the dining table to maintain its cleanliness. Keep all the things in the right place. For example, put the used utensils from the table and place it in the sink. You can also use the cleaner to sanitize the table.

Floor Cleaning

If you have a non-carpet floor, then it is advisable to clean the floor regularly. But if you don’t have many regular visitors, then you can split its cleaning in 2-3 days.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Weekly cleaning tasks are those who take time to perform or just need attention once a week. So before taking your much time, let’s have a look at the weekly cleaning tasks:

Deep Clean The Stove top

While stovetop requires regular cleaning, but if you don’t have enough time to clean it, then you can deep clean it every week. It will not only keep your stovetop clean but also give long life and perfect working condition to your stovetop.

Carpet Vacuuming

Vacuuming a carpet at least once in a week is a must. Else it can lessen its life and also make it look dirty. So make sure to vacuum the carpet at least once in a week.


Laundry does not come in everyone’s favorite list; hence people make it a weekly chore. It also depends on the extent of the laundry that you want to do it once or twice a week. You can do the laundry for the weekend.

Clean Appliances

Our appliances are also an important part of our house whether it is refrigerator, oven or coffee machines, every appliance needs regular maintenance. SO you can wipe out all the appliances once in a week to keep it maintained and functioning properly.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Now we have those things that take time to deep clean and that’s why we make it a monthly cleaning tasks. Some things just need to tidy up but some need proper attention. What are these things? Read out now!

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans collect dirt of your entire month, hence make sure to at least wipe out the fans once in a month. Of course, it is a tiresome task and takes time, but you are not allowed to ignore it. It can give a bad impression on your guests and also make your home look less attractive. So it is advisable to take care of the cleaning of the ceiling fan.

Cleaning Shower heads

If you will not clean the shower head often, then it can end up to the clogged shower. You can soak the shower head into the vinegar water for a few hours and it will not get clogged and deliver clean water.

Replace The Existing Upholstery

You must have to replace your dirty upholstery every month to keep it hygienic. Whether it is about bed-sheets, cushions, pillowcases and so on, make sure to replace it with the washed and fresh upholstery.

Deep Clean The Dishwasher

A dishwasher can accumulate the food particles and grease that should be removed as quickly as possible because it can greatly impact the hygiene of the utensils and lessen its life as well. So sanitize your dishwasher every month to maintain its hygiene and grace.

Now you know what cleaning task you can do on a regular, weekly and monthly basis. Now you just need to make a list of the cleaning schedule and start cleaning your home. Your home is your biggest investment so it is important to take care of it. So that you and your family can make healthy and happy memories in your home.

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