5 Tips to Create a Shiny & Sparkling Living Room

Cleaning tips for Living Room

Regular home cleaning Melbourne might not seem daunting to you- vacuuming the floors, quick dusting home elements, wiping kitchen counter-tops and similar petty stuff is not that demanding, is it? But things turn trickier when you decide to intensely clean your living room.

Living room is like the public space of your very personal home- right from your next-door neighbors to darling friends and from distant relatives to some random guests, your living room is always the hub for all. It is a space reserved to chitchat and relax, and have a mellow time with people you love. Without a doubt, keeping it shipshape and tidy becomes a big-time need.

Howbeit, with all the furniture, cushions, carpets, rugs and those beautiful (pricey!) decorative accessories, you may feel a bit puzzled from where to start off! Well, worry no more. Here are 5 quick tips for the cleaning that will help you spruce up your living room and make it look more charming, vibrant and likable-

Start with Removing All the Cushions, Curtains and Draperies

First things first- show your sofas and chairs courtesy and remove all the removable cushions from them. A lot of dirt and grime settle down in their cracks and you can clean them efficiently to transform their dingy look to new. Use a vacuum upholstery attachment on a rug shampoo machine to freshen up your slipcovers and cushions.

Let this be followed by taking down curtains, blinds and draperies. Put them for wash. Pro Tip: Use ample of water and the best quality liquid laundry detergent or liquid dish soap. Read care label before washing any of your soft furnishings.

Dust Down the Living Room Ceiling and Corners of Walls

Remove heavy dust and cobwebs from ceiling and corners of the walls using soft-brush vacuum attachment or electrostatic mop. Begin by vacuuming the ceiling and work your way down to all walls of your living room. See if walls have any sort of stain marks; if you find them, wipe them off using sponge, soap and warm water.

Dust Down the Living Room Ceiling and Corners of Walls

Vacuum Here, Vacuum There!

Plug in your vacuum cleaner and begin to clean couches and chairs. A vacuum cleaner with attachment will empower you to clean out couch crevices and loose debris. Then clean the entire space and floors to quickly get rid of all the dirt and allergens thriving in your living room. Attend to floors, wall hangings and windows to make them look sleek.

Dust Down All Electronics

Your beloved television set, charming set of lamps, DVD and BluRay players and more shall be cleaned too. Unplug all your electronic appliances and then dust them off. Your cleaning care will brighten up their look, and provide them a longer running life- a complete win-win with minimum efforts.

Clean Carpet and Rugs

Carpet and rugs that enhance the décor of living room and tie it together often get ugly-looking stains and spots. Go beyond basic vacuuming- clean the blots using spot-cleaning solutions like soapy water or vinegar and make them look perfect. However, if you see that marks are worse and you can’t tackle them, you can avail professional help by calling any of the reliable carpet cleaners.

That’s all folks. Take care of these big aspects and all other knickknacks of the space, and you will relish a sparkling clean living room. You can also connect with us to get domestic cleaning services; we can professionally cater to all your requirements. Request an obligation-free quote, you can contact us Here.