12 Easy cleaning jobs that kids would love to do!

12 Easy cleaning jobs that kids would love to do!

Struggling with house-cleaning alone? Let’s encourage our kids to help us with household chores. Let’s make it a fun-together activity that will help you. According to some recent surveys, kids must learn basic cleaning skills at an early age. This helps children learn responsibility and empathy. It also boosts their inner confidence at the same time.

Let’s help them develop good habits for the rest of their life. First of all, set your cleaning routine to the same day and same time each week. Don’t make a never-ending to-do list that they won’t help you again. You need to be patient as it will take 2-3 weeks to let them know how to do the cleaning. Praise them for their good work. Kids love that!

In this article, we have put together 12 activities that kids would love to help you with again and again. Keep reading to know more!

12 Effective Cleaning Activities For Kids

Taking care of pets

Cleaning Activities For Kids

Start with assigning simple pet care tasks. Like to feed them at certain times, washing out dog’s bowls, brushing them after the bath, taking them for a short walk.

Tell them to treat pets with the utmost care, maintain their hygiene, love them as your family members. Share their vaccination routine with your kids.

This will help them to develop a sense of responsibility. Your kids will become more compassionate and more generous for others.

Plants Watering

Kids love to play with water. Let them water plants under your supervision. Make them aware of watering rules like to not drown the whole plant in water.

Do some craft activities like slow pouring with making holes in waste soda bottles. You can make this fun and learning activity by sharing little how plants grow and how do they make their own food?

Helping in the Garden

Helping in the Garden

According to a recent study, it’s good for children health to spend more time in outdoor activities. So let them help you in cleaning yard, lawn mowing, watering, and weeding.

Give your kids some veggies seeds to grow them on their own. This will help them create healthy eating habits. They will get to know the advantages of eating vegetables.

Helping in Laundry

Start with categorizing colored and white clothes into different laundry baskets. Ask them to count clothes while putting in the machine. They are going to love it.

This will help them memorizing numbers and colors. Show them how to operate the washing machine, how to do the washing? and, when is the right time to move the load to the dryer

Dish Washing

Dish Washing

Kids love bubbles. Give them a different bowl with liquid soap. They will enjoy creating bubbles and cleaning utensils. while creating the bubble and having fun.

Show them the basics like how and where to put the crockery after washing them. Believe us, they are going to love it.

Use dusters and squeezes

Tools can be fun while dusting the house. Give them sweeping mops and feather dusters to clean shelves, books, toys, and tablets.

Once you have shown them the technique to clean. Give them squeeze liquid bottles to clean mirrors and windows

Clean the bathrooms

Give your kids a separate spray bottle and wipe cloth. Ask them to spray on toilet seat, sinks, and mirrors and wipe that out. They will learn to maintain hygiene.

Don’t rush! divide the task to your kids. Like you may ask another kid to clean the floor and tiles, shelves, and showers. Then finish this with throwing away the garbage.

Car Washing

Car Washing

Even your toddlers will love this. Make this a fun-together activity. Make sure you are also participating, as children can’t clean the car-roof.

Ask them to clean hubcaps. household cleaning products like warm soapy water, a small bucket, and sponge.

Put the things back at the right places

Let them be more independent and responsible by allowing them to do their own work. Start with easy-to-do tasks. Tell them to put away things at their right places like putting back shoes in the shoe rack. Placing back books in bookshelves, toys in toys basket.

Ask them to leave their dishes into the kitchen once they have finished their meals. . Let them do everything on their own from hanging coats to folding clothes. This will help them becoming multitaskers and humble at the same time

Make Cleaning a Habit

Kids are kids after all. Don’t expect them to behave like adults all sudden. Our purpose is to help them inculcating and developing good habits. These habits will remain with them long-life.

It takes some time but be polite, patient, and stick to it. If they are not helping you, that’s ok! They definitely will. Praise them how good they are at work.

Host the party for them like a birthday party or any other celebration. Make a to-do list and divide different responsibilities among your kids.

Remember, Don’t force and pressurize your kids as it takes some time to make cleaning a habit after all.

Purging the Toy Box

Purging the Toy Box

Ask your kids to throw away the broken toys or toys with missing parts. Start with dumping the toy basket and tell them to separate the toys they don’t want to play anymore.

Take them to donate toys at some charity places. Or you can leave the toy boxes at the local hospital’s children ward.

Help them with organizing the rest of the toys so they could find them easier later.

Making their Bed

It’s not difficult at all. Kids can help to change the bedsheets, pillow covers, and duvets. Show them how to stretch the bedsheet over the bed, clamber inside the duvet cover.

Ask them to use their favorite bedsheets to arrange and organizing their beds. This little effort will make your kids more organized. They’ll start taking interest in other household chores.

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